West Central Pennsylvania Odyssey of the Mind
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In keeping with the Odyssey of the Mind philosophy, problem limitations are written to provide just enough guidance to solve the problem without limiting creativity. If the problem does not specify that something cannot be done, most likely it can be done. Often, however, a team may question the interpretation of a limitation, or it may be unsure that an aspect of its solution is allowed or meets the problem's requirements.

In addition to general clarifications, which are applicable to all teams, there are team specific clarifications.


General Clarifications

These clarifications amend or further explain a problem's limitation. Team members may go to http://www.odysseyofthemind.com/clarifications/default.php to find general clarifications. If they do not find the answer to their question there, they may submit their question to Creative Competitions Inc (CCI). This may be done either by mail or electronically. All clarifications will be answered by CCI within 7 days of receipt. Teams may also request a complete list of general clarifications.

The Problem Clarification Form can be found on the forms page.


Team Specific Clarifications

These clarifications are very specific to a teams solution and will be shared only with the team requesting the clarification. These type of clarifications will not be published on the web, but will be mailed to the team requesting the clarification.

To get specific information about how to submit a clarification consult the Odyssey of the Mind Program Guide or go to http://www.odysseyofthemind.com/clarifications/default.php then select your problem for specific instructions.